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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Will PDAs take over cellphones and Laptops?

Let me first tell you, what is PDA and how it functions?

Well, PDA is a computer that fits in your hand. These small computers are sometimes called palmtops and are a great way to store telephone numbers, email addresses, access the internet, make calculations, keep a digital calendar and play games.

A typical PDA can function as a cellular phone, fax sender, Web browser and personal organizer. Unlike portable computers, most PDAs began as pen-based, using a stylus rather than a keyboard for input. This means that they also incorporated handwriting recognition features. Some PDAs can also react to voice input by using voice recognition technologies.

PDAs of today are available in either a stylus or keyboard version which is very easy to handle. Most modern PDAs support internet access and include software you would normally find on an office computer, such as word processing and spreadsheet software.

Well,a PDA is a great tool to stay organized. They are very popular with road warriors, corporate professionals, college students, etc. There are many different types of palmtop computers in the market that range in price and features.

Below are some typical features you will find in PDAs

1. Integrated WLAN adaptors
2. Integrated microphone and speaker
3. 320x240 screen resolution
4. USB ports
5. Microsoft Outlook
6. Microsoft Internet Explorer

The operating systems are specially designed for PDAs. Some PDA's have been built upon Intel x86 CPU technology. The performance depends on the processor speed, and the amount of memory (RAM). A typical PDA would boast a 624MHz processor and 64MB of RAM. The newer palmtop computers have USB ports to plug in a variety of peripherals to use with your PDA.

Now you clearly know about a (Personal Digital Assistant) as it refers to a hand-held device that incorporates several handy features. PDAs often include an address book, calendar, contacts list, and a memo feature.

Picture: PDA

PDAs are also called palmtops, hand-held computers and pocket computers. Why? Because it is very easy to hold in the hand, very comfy and light weighted. Today's PDA is very small in size, fits comfortably in a pocket and generally has good battery life which allows you to recharge the device at night or when at the office. A PDA usually includes a small screen usually bigger than a digital phone, however smaller than the smallest laptop, a small QWERTY keyboard that is made for thumb typing and a stylus which is a metal or plastic pen to input data or communicate with the device by a touch pad screen.

Now the question is will PDAs take over cellphones and Laptops?

Well, this is clear that cellphones and laptops are so common these days that you can see at any house, offices or any other place. The Smartphone has evolved to one higher degree and PDAs are offering phone abilities. The advancements are done in the ways that are making them even a hot device for Internet surfing. Mobility is the key factor dominating the world and it was best used by the concept of mobile devices like phones, or laptops. Laptops revolutionized the way computing was done traditionally. Conventional computing was more like sitting in front of desktop and working there but laptops introduced the concept of portability. They turned the traditional concept with bit of modernization and ease of usage.

Mobile office professionals will certainly find using this PDA makes their work much easier. Because PDAs are waterproof also. They have variety of input options including handwriting recognition and weighs only 17 oz (490 grams) including re-chargeable PowerBoot which is one of the amazing features. With the ability to input information by stylus or touchscreen, mobile workers will be able to quickly make changes or add information. Using the voice recorder provides another handy tool for making sure important information isn't forgotten. All these features make PDA lovable more than cellphones and laptops. The ability to have a choice in the method of input provides another great advantage, you don't have to rely only on using a stylus or the keypad for entering information. Using the handwriting recognition software enables mobile workers to more freely create notes and work on data quickly and easily.

This is true with times PDA will take over cellphones and laptops but still their importance will not vanish. As PDA offer both methods of networking are best suited for mobile users needs. Networking is probably the most important add-on you should consider for your PDA. You will need to determine if Bluetooh or Wi-Fi best suits your needs though bluetooth will allow you to sync your PDA with your laptop or desktop computer and Wi-Fi enables you to connect your PDA to the internet, office network and home office network also.

Well, if comparison is drawn between laptops and mobile phones, both devices making use of portability, innovating the way business is tackled but still are fighting for their sole realms. It seems that advancements on both sides have made the territories conflicting and issue controversial for both. Cell phones with new integrated features and advancements have entered into the laptop kingdom. And we all know that mobility is the key factor dominating the world and it was best used by the concept of mobile devices like phones, or laptops. And PDA will turn the traditional concept with bit of modernization and ease of usage.

Now, taking all this in mind we can predict rather say that PDAs definitely would take over these two i.e.cellphones & laptops. But whatever be the result I would just say if you plan to use your PDA as a laptop replacement, buy a PDA that is already network capable and has maximum RAM.

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